Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Simple Faith of a Little Girl in Aurora, IL

Last Saturday I went to Aurora, IL to speak at a rally and pray at the new Planned Parenthood "super center" that was opened there recently. Aurora used to be known as the town from Wayne's World, I know that is how I had heard of it. These days it is much more known for the battle between Planned Parenthood and the citizens of Aurora. Planned Parenthood came into town in a very stealth manner as they broke zoning laws and hid what they were from the community until it was to late for anyone to stop them. Or so they thought.

The community is in an uproar over this new "super center" abortion mill. I know super center is a term you probably are more familiar with when talking about a Wal-Mart, but that is exactly what you think when you pull up to this new killing center. I had heard it was big, but when I drove up to it I was in shock: this place was enormous.

I was invited to speak to the community that had been praying there for over two months trying to keep the Planned Parenthood center from opening in their town. The community was successful for two weeks after the original opening date, until the mayor stepped in and ignored all the violations and allowed them to start killing precious little babies there.

When I got there I took some time to walk around the neighborhood and see all the amazing people taking a stand for life. It was amazing to see hundreds, maybe a thousand people peacefully protesting Planned Parenthood. The ally way into the entrance was lined with people praying and counseling with the women going in. The sidewalk in front of the shopping center, away from the entrance was lined with hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds praying and holding signs that read "Planned Parenthood is bad for Aurora" There were teenagers lined up and down the street with pictures of precious little babies, showing the beauty of life. There were clergy from many of the local churches standing in the cold with their congregations as they voiced their concern for their community.

I walked down the side of the building where a group of women were praying as their children sat on the sidewalk with chalk. I started to read what the children were writing and it warmed my heart. The kids were writing prayers and messages to people walking by. They were writing about how Jesus loved the little babies that were going to die and wanted them to live. I walked down the road and noticed one little girl who had proclaimed in pink chalk. "God will close this place".

I sat and watched her as I realized that in her heart she believed this 100%. There was no question about it, she knew that God was bigger than Planned Parenthood and He was going to close this killing center down. She had faith like I wish I could have some times. She did not despair, she just knew that through Christ we would win this battle.

I began to think about what I was going to share with everyone at the rally and I remembered something from my childhood. I remember sitting down to watch the mini-series on television called Roots. It was a mini-series about the times of slavery in the United States. I remembered wondering to myself, if I had been alive in a time when my fellow human persons were treated like a piece of property, would I stand up?

We don't have to wonder what we would have down, we do live in a time like that. This time instead of the color of your skin making you a non-person, it is the your age for the first nine months of your life. We have lived for the last thirty five years in a time when our fellow human person is treated as nothing more than a parasite and can be discarded for any reason whatsoever.

While I am so excited to see the amazing reaction by and dedication of the citizens and churches of Aurora, IL. I am saddened by the non-action of the citizens and churches of so many other cities where 4,000 babies are losing their lives each day. I am heartbroken as people have given up and think it is a losing battle. I truly can't understand how we have lost that faith and trust in our God as we have grown up and become "sensible" adults that live in reality.

The reality is, our God is bigger than the abortion industry and through Him we can win this battle. Our God is more powerful than the nine judges who sit on the court that claims to be supreme. Our God has promised us that we "can do all things through Christ who strengthens us." Philippines 4:13

I believe that if the Church of Jesus Christ would stand up, peacefully, lovingly, compassionately and boldly, we will see an end to child killing in America. I believe if we take our faith to the streets and in front of the places where they need the Gospel of Christ, we will see God move in a powerful way. I believe what that beautiful little girl chalked on the sidewalk in Aurora, IL-God will close this place..

Do you believe?

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper

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