Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Looking for Results

I often hear people talk about the results of their work in ministry - how many children were fed, how many homes were built, how many items were distributed. It is great when you can show how everyone’s time and money is helping. It is always encouraging and it helps with keeping people interested in your work.

Things are often different in pro-life work. This is work where you really don't get to see a lot of the results. Many times you are just getting information and praying that people will take it to heart. You really have to learn to trust God to be in charge of the results, and know that your work is changing lives whether you see it or not. I know so many people who get frustrated because they cannot see the outcome of the work and time they invest. I have seen many people drop out because they feel they are not accomplishing anything.

This is the wrong way to look at the work we do. God is ultimately in charge of all our efforts. He is the One who brings results. I know, I have to remind myself often that I am being obedient to the Word by doing the work I do, and not worry about the results of it as much. Yes, it is important to know that we being diligent with our time and efforts, but following God's will is always right.

There are, however, times when God has shown me just how much my actions count. I remember one Sunday afternoon in California, I was standing outside an abortion clinic praying when a young woman walked up. She came to me and another man I was with and showed us her beautiful baby. She then told us that she was driving to that very clinic months earlier to have an abortion. When she drove up, she saw us praying and holding signs. She changed her mind on the spot and drove off. We never knew about this until that day. She thanked us for being there and saving the life of her baby. Since then, that has happened to me a couple more times, and I have heard many other similar testimonies. That one little baby would make every second I have ever spent doing pro-life work worth it. Thank God I have gotten to see so many other great fruits of this work.

God is ultimately responsible for that baby's life. He is the one who pulled my life out of the pit I was in and gave me a firm place to stand (Psalm 40: 1-3). Christ is that firm rock who gives me all of the strength I need to carry on in this work. He gave His life for me, and the least I can do is give of my life for the precious children that are being murdered every day. We must always remember where our strength comes from and why we are able to do His work. When we look at it that way, it is so much easier to trust is God for all the results. Just follow His Word and He will do the rest.

For Christ I stand

Bryan Kemper

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