Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The New Year - What Does it Bring

I hope everyone is having a happy new year. It is funny how this time of year everyone is resolute on making changes and doing things different. Unfortunately, as we all know many of those commitments and resolutions we make often fall by the wayside within a few weeks.

Here at Stand True it has actually been a year of new commitments and resolutions as God has shown us so much this year. This summer was both an amazing and trying time for us as we dealt with tragedy and death. One of the most important things that God taught us this year, was to look at each day as a new opportunity to live for Him. We realized that each time we wake up in the morning we have been given another day to serve Him, worship Him, love Him and share Him with the world. We truly saw that we are not promised tomorrow and we need to thank Him for today.

As I look at today's date, it chokes me up when I think about what is coming up. Today is January 3, 2008. In 19 days, we will have reached a milestone in America but it is not something to celebrate. In 19 days, hundreds of thousands of Christians will be filling the streets of Washington, DC. In 19 days, we will reach the 35 year mark of one of the most controversial, deadly and life changing decisions ever handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States. On January 22, 2008 we, as a nation will have completed 35 years of decriminalized child killing.

So what does this new year bring for America? What happens as we enter January of 2008? What will be making headlines in the news?

We are entering an election year so politics will be taking up much of the media. Will we see the first woman or African American president?

Will this years top 12 contestants of American Idol actually be able to sing? Who will win and change the world with their polished, pre-written, canned songs?

What will be the big buzz story of 2008 that will send Geraldo, Anderson, Greta, Nancy and all of the other hardcore journalist to a remote location? Will they be able to milk every ounce of useless information out of a story so we know who the father of some courageous, drug addicted, mindless entertainer's baby is? Will we be able to cope with the tragic 13 day jail sentence for this persecuted, rich sudo - celebrity who should not have to face the same punishment as us lowly regular citizens?

We are only three days into the new year and I don't think I can handle waiting for the big story to break. Will Britney get her kids back? Will Lindsay finally finish rehab and learn how to drive sober like the rest of us? Will Britney's mom finally get her book on parenting published? With my five kids, I am biting my nails with anticipation.

While I can't answer those "all so important" questions, I can tell you one thing this new year will bring in. It will bring in a year where over 1.3 million of your brothers and sisters will not ever get a chance to see the ball drop in 2009 and the years to come.

Every day around the nation, men and women will walk into buildings with their precious baby, God's heritage, and leave a few hours later with their child dead. Every day almost 4,000 times a day little hearts will cease to beat. Geraldo won't be there. Greta won't be there. Anderson won't be there.

Who will be there?

Will the media be there? Maybe to show the world how horrible it is that a few Christians have the guts to be there and stand up for these babies and offer hope and love to women going in.

Will the police be there? Maybe to arrest those Christians who have the audacity to practice their first amendment rights.

Will our newly elected president be there? Not likely, although they will surely have an opinion on what is going on and then do nothing about it once they are in office.

Will the church be there? A few, and I mean a few faithful believers will be there. Of course, if it was a potluck we would probably see thousands there at least until the potato salad was gone.

So as we enter into this 35th year of abortion in America, where will you be? What will be important to America? Will America take as much time in standing up for the babies as we do in voting for our favorite American Idol contestant? Will we spend as much time talking about what we can do to bring an end to child killing as we do talking about whether Britney is really too fat, and in need of some psychiatric help before she makes her comeback?

I know where we will be. Stand True is more committed than ever to reach out to this nation with the hope of Christ and the message of life. Will you join us? Will you take a stand with us and make a difference as we challenge the culture of death and shine the light of Christ to this lost world?

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper

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