Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Three Important Questions - A commentary by Bryan Kemper

Three Important Questions - A commentary by Bryan Kemper

If you found out that your local bank was giving away free money to anyone who walked in and said the words, "free money", would you take advantage of that? After you tried it and it worked wouldn't you tell all your family and friends about it?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were alive during the peak of the civil rights movement? Would you have marched with Martin Luther King Jr.? Would you have been willing to face persecution to stand up for the rights of those who were treated less than human?

If you were in church on Sunday morning and your pastor got up and said a man with a knife was about to go into the nursery and kill all the 2 year old children, would you try and stop him? Would you run as fast as you could to the nursery and do what ever you could to protect those innocent little children?

I would assume that most people reading these questions would answer yes to all three; well let me rephrase them a bit and see what your answer is.

I would love to be able to tell my family and friends about the opportunity to get $1,000 for free. I know many people who would be helped greatly by $1,000 just being handed to them. I can just imagine how quickly this would spread and lines would be formed for miles outside the bank.

What if I knew of something even better than $1,000 that was being handed out freely? The Bible tells us in Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord". How much more valuable is eternal life with Christ than $1,000?

How about our question about living in the days of the civil rights movement? I would bet most people I know would answer yes to getting involved. They would be willing to march and face whatever persecution came their way for taking a stand. Most people would say it would be an honor to be persecuted for standing up for those who have had their personhood stripped away.

We really don't have to imagine what it would be like to live in a time when our fellow human person was being treated as less then human, it is happening today. Every day in this country thousands of our brothers and sisters have their civil rights violated and are killed unjustly. We do live in a time when a group of people have been dehumanized, their personhood has been stripped away. This time it was not because of the color of their skin, but simply because of their age.

The third question is really a no-brainer, of course we would run to the nursery if we knew someone was going to go in and kill all the 2 year olds. I honestly don't know anyone who would not do whatever it took to save the lives of those innocent little children.

So lets change location of the incident and the age of the children. Now it is a so called "medical clinic" and the age of the children to be killed is 12 weeks. The same man is going to walk into the building with a knife or a scalpel and will actually be paid by the parents of that child to end it's life.

Would we try and stop that from happening?

Lets take a look at the children in both scenarios:

Both have a heart beat.

Both have fingers and toes.

Both have finger prints and toe prints.

Both have brainwaves and feel pain.

Both have blood circulating through their own bloodstream.

Both have a soul and were created by God.

Both live with their mother and father, one in his room and the other in his mother's womb.

While both are full human persons, one's life is protected by law and the the other's death is protected by law.

It is easy to answer a "what if" question; when it is just a hypothetical situation it is simple to give the simple answer. When the situation is facing us head on, sometimes it is not so simple.

How many of our friends or family members do we know that are not Christians? Are we excited to share with them the amazing free gift of eternal life with Christ?

Most people would like to think they would be willing to face persecution in order to have the opportunity to have marched with Martin Luther King Jr. We would be willing to face that same persecution to stand up for the thousands of babies that have their personhood stripped away every day? Would they stand up against one of the biggest civil rights violations of our time, the killing of 50,000,000 innocent children?

I recently watched the movie "I am Legend" and one of the lines in the movie was very powerful. Towards the end of the movie Will Smith's character says, "light up the darkness". I have written in many of my articles that darkness is not the opposite of light, but the absence thereof.

So my challenge to you is simple, will you light up the darkness? Will you share the hope that you have in Christ with a hopeless world? Will you take a stand for truth and life, even when you may be persecuted for your actions? Will you do something to save the lives of innocent children who are being killed by the thousands every day? Will you light up the darkness, or take refuge in apathy?

Last week we made a list of 20 Pro-life Activities To Do This Summer - Click here to see the list -

For Christ I Stand,

Bryan Kemper -


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How Big Is Your God? A Commentary by Bryan Kemper

How Big Is Your God? A Commentary by Bryan Kemper

One of the questions I get asked so many time is, "do you think we will ever win this battle?" It really boggles me when I hear that being asked by Christians. I honestly wonder some times what we must think of God when we are pessimists so often. It is almost like we are hoping God might just get that hit in the ninth inning to win the game.

It really should not surprise me that people ask that question. I am also told quite often that I should leave God out of our pro-life work, that we are turning people off from Stand True because we always talk about Jesus. In the last news letter I posted a video of me calling on Christians to take a stand against abortion and to pray for an end. This video was filmed at the grand opening of a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Iowa. (see video here - I had people tell me I should not use references to God or Christianity.

I often get people telling me that pro-life should not be about "religion" or "Christianity". Some people want us to break away from using references to God or the Bible in the work that we do, or they want us to only approach things from a scientific angle. I have been told that we can reach so many more people if we just leave God out of it. I can say that I agree that we need to approach things from a scientific angle, but I can never agree to leave God out of it.

It really surprises me when these kind of statements come from Christians. I know that Christ is the only reason I am even alive today and all that I accomplish is because of Him and what He has done in my life. He is our chief cornerstone and we must build all of our work on Him and His word. If Christians don't even want us to base our pro-life work on Christ, then it is no surprise they would wonder if we can actually win this battle.

If we leave God out of the equation, we will lose. We have said this so many times and we truly believe that the only way to ultimately end abortion is to turn hearts back to Christ. Yes the laws have to change, but that is just the beginning. We must also pass an amendment to the constitution declaring personhood for every single human person from fertilization to natural death. This will only happen when we turn this nation's heart back to Christ.

When God first gave me the pro-life vision, He spoke very clearly to me about what I was supposed to do with my life and He has paved the way for this ministry. For me to leave God out would be to destroy the very foundation that we have built this ministry on. I know not everyone who is involved with us and the work we do are believers, but I will never apologize or hide my faith in Christ to make someone comfortable. It is our prayer that everyone involved with Stand True will someday surrender their hearts to Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.

The ultimate goal of Stand True is to glorify God and restore the sanctity of human life to every single human person. To restore the sanctity of human life, we must also restore the hearts and minds of people to God and His perfect love. God gives every breath we breathe to us and we shall always give Him the credit and glory for our work.

So here is my answer to the question, "can we win this battle?"

How big is your God?

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who

strengthens me."

For Christ I Stand,

Bryan Kemper -

Monday, April 21, 2008

Can You Donate a Gallon of Gas For Stand True's Summer Mission Trip?

Donate a Gallon of Gas For Stand True's Summer Mission Trip?

of the most expensive parts of our Summer Mission Trip is fuel and with gas prices expected to reach over $3.50 a gallon this summer it will be the most expensive ever. We travel thousands of miles every summer in a 15 passenger van with a full trailer and that sucks up the gas. A full tank of gas will cost around $100.

Can you help us by buying a gallon of gas for our Summer Mission Trip?

1 Gallon $3.50

2 Gallons $7.00

5 Gallons $17.50

10 Gallons $35.00

15 Gallons $52.50

Full tank of gas $100.00

There are several ways to help us with gas this summer.

1. You can make a donation online through PayPal, our e-mail address for PayPal donations is or go to and click on the donate link.

2. You can mail a donation to:

Stand True

PO Box 890

Troy, OH 45373

(include a note for gas fund)

3. Buy a gas card and mail it to us.

4. Last year a few groups held car washes to help raise money to the mission trip.

The more money we are able to raise for the gas fund, the more money we can free up to buy literature and other resources we need.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Yale Art Student Hoax Caused Pain and Stirred Anger in Many People

Yale Art Student Hoax Caused Pain and Stirred Anger in Many People

Many of you read our story yesterday about the art student who claimed to be using abortion as her senior project. She reportedly inseminated herself many times only to induce abortions. I started my story explaining how I first thought this was a hoax, I was right. While this was merely a sick and twisted joke, it caused a lot of pain for women who have suffered real miscarriages. I received messages from many women who have had miscarriages who were deeply hurt when reading about what this student claimed to have done.

Whatever this student wanted to accomplish with her, so called “performance art,” one thing is for sure, she has woken up a lot of people to the reality of how much life has been cheapened. I know from the responses I received back that many people finally did say, “enough is enough”.

While our first response may be anger at what she did, we should also be praising God for the fact that no babies were killed for her project. That is the core issue here, the personhood of the babies that she claimed to have aborted. While there are a lot of issues with someone who would purposely have multiple abortions on purpose for the sake of art, the real tragedy would have been the loss of life.

So now that we know it was a hoax, do we drop the subject? Do we put this behind us and pretend it never happened? NO! If this was something that stirred up so much anger and emotion, we need to examine why.

I will be honest; I am sometimes disturbed that it takes something like this to wake people up about the killing of innocent children. This reminds me of the frenzy we saw regarding the Partial Birth Abortion issue. For some reason it took an abortion procedure that seemed to be more inhumane than others to get people angry about babies being killed. The truth is that all abortion is equally inhumane as all abortions kill an innocent human person.

I do understand that some will say it was her claim to have done this for the sake of art; that makes it more disgusting. While the motive may be more trivial and heartless, the outcome remains the same, a dead baby.

I do agree with what many people said in response to this story, enough is enough. We are now 35 years into the Roe vs. Wade era with close to 50,000,000 children killed. If that is not enough, I don't know what is.

Do you remember a few years back when there was a sniper going around the DC, Maryland and Virginia area? I remember it all too well as my wife and kids and I were across the street from one of the shooting while it happened. Do you remember when the sniper shot the kid in front of his school? I watched the news as the police chief made his statement almost in tears. I remember the anger in his voice as he said the sniper had gone too far, now that he had shot a kid. This brought such a new resolve to catch the sniper.

That was one kid and it stirred up so much anger and resolve in everyone to catch the person responsible. Aren't 50,000,000 precious, innocent children over the last 35 years “too far”?

I hope this story did anger you. I hope it made you sick to think that someone would be so callous as to use the killing of innocent children as art. I also hope it will stir you up to say “enough is enough”. If you were willing to cry out for those innocent children that you thought were killed for the sake of art, will you also cry out for all of the innocent children that are killed daily in the name of choice?

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Student Gives Herself Multiple Abortions For Her Art Project!

Student Gives Herself Multiple Abortions For Her Art Project!

When I first read this story I honestly thought is was some kind of sick joke, like something out of The Onion.

I have often said nothing shocks me anymore, and I keep getting proven wrong.

Aliza Shvarts, an art major at Yale University is using abortion as part of her senior art project. She is not just using abortion, but her own purposefully induced abortions. Shvarts artificially inseminated herself as often as possible over a nine month period of time. During that time she would take abortifacient drugs to induce "miscarriages." Shvarts did all of this in the name of art, as she will display video recordings of her "miscarriages" along with blood samples in her project.

Students from both, pro-life and pro-choice groups on campus say their groups have taken no official position on the project. One student from the pro-life group did call it "surprising" and unethical.

How far is "too far"? I have to ask. I have to believe that even some of the most adamantly pro-choice people in this country would find this to be despicable. This world is going further and further down a road of total disregard for human life and it seems to have no end in sight. With stories like this one, and the fight in British Parliament to allow half animal - half human embryos to be made for stem cell research, will we finally say "stop"?

If this does anything, it gives us more resolve to continue the work we are doing at Stand True to bring an end to this culture of death. We know that we have a monstrous battle ahead of us, but we will not waiver or give up until every human person is protected and the sanctity of human life is restored.

You can read the full article from the Yale Daily News here -

For Christ I Stand,

Bryan Kemper -

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Challenge - When they were killing babies, What did you do?

Challenge - When they were killing babies, What did you do?

This is Bryan Kemper of Stand True at a grand opening of a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Iowa. Please take three minutes to listen to this challenge.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pre-order Bella, the movie for Mother's Day through Stand True

Pre-order Bella, the movie for Mother's Day through Stand True

Bella is coming out on DVD on May 6th, but you can pre-order it now in time for Mother's Day. Many places are selling it for around $27 and we had the opportunity to sell it also for about that price. Instead of ordering the DVD and having to mark it up we would rather you be able to get it for a better price and we found a way for you to order it for under $20.

Go to and order it through our Amazon link and you will get it for $18.58 and we will get a percentage of the price. In order for us to get that percentage you must go to Amazon through our link and then search for Bella the movie.

This is honestly one of the most powerful and beautiful movies I have ever seen and I believe it would be a great tool for all of you to use to get the pro-life message out to your friends and family.

Remember to go to and click on the Amazon shopping icon and search for Bella the movie. You will love this movie.