Thursday, December 18, 2008

Indiana Planned Parenthood Rape Cover Up Part 2

Indiana Planned Parenthood Rape Cover Up Part 2

Last week I wrote a story entitled" The Abortion Industry and How They Cover Up Child Rape". If you did not have a chance to read that story or see the videos associated with it, click here:

This week we are bringing you another video from Lila Rose and Live Action Films. This is another Planned Parenthood in Indiana willing to cover up child rape.

If you can 't see the video in this e-mail click here:

The good news is there are many great organizations like Live Action Films who are fighting against Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. I told you about flying to Orange County a couple of months ago to speak for a 40 Days for Life vigil; the abortion mill we prayed at is now closed forever. The Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity saw 57 girls cancel abortion appointments and decide to keep their babies. Events like these and the films from Live Action Films are changing lives and saving babies.

More good news : many of the world ' s youth pro-life organizations have joined together to form the Youth Life Alliance and work on projects together. We talked to Lila Rose , and Live Action Films will be joining the Youth Life Alliance as we work together with many other youth pro-life groups to bring and end to child killing and establish a culture of life.

Please check out and our action calendar of youth events you can get involved with.

Bryan Kemper

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