Thursday, October 30, 2008

Will Our Passion Turn Back To Apathy After The Election?

Will Our Passion Turn Back To Apathy After The Election?

One of the most positive things I have seen from this election is passion. There seems to be something about this election, more than any other I have seen in my time, which brings out a passion in this generation. The unfortunate thing about this is that it also sheds light on the apathy that has plagued us for so many years.

Most of my friends know that I am not your typical “right wing voter”. I have not voted for a major party for President in the last three elections. I have always said that I vote more for whom or what I believe in, than just to win or beat the other party. I personally don't believe that either of the mainstream political parties truly represents my beliefs very much at all.

This election for me is different from any of the other ones I have been involved with. I honestly believe that there is more at stake than any other time I can remember and I have wrestled more than I ever have about whom to vote for. Some may even say that I am compromising or being somewhat pragmatic when I never have before.

As much I am not a pragmatist, I have to look at the reality what could actually happen in the next four years. I believe in my heart that we could see a devastating attack on life and innocent children like we have never seen before.

Knowing how much this election has troubled me and how it has affected my vote more than any other, I also see what it has done to this generation. I have seen an awakening of passion, commitment, drive, boldness and pure excitement that I have not seen before. I have seen this on both sides of the political coin, and I am ecstatic about this. In an age when apathy seems to flow through the veins of America's youth, we are seeing action take over.

I talked to some friends the other day about some of the political talk I have been hearing around town. I told them about people wanting to fly their flag upside down if a certain candidate was elected. You may think that is disrespectful to the flag, but is actually is an accepted signal for a nation in distress; there is no disrespect in this action.

I decided to see what kind of reaction I would get if I posted this idea on Facebook. I simply changed my status to this and let the fireworks begin. Now I post a lot of things on Facebook, from contests to win free stuff to praise reports about what God has done through our ministry at Stand True. I was guessing that this would cause a stir, but would not reach the fever pitch that I get when I post that I will be giving away free stickers. Boy was I wrong.

Just one political comment brought out the passion in everyone and my status became a heated discussion in no time. I sat and watched people speaking out and engaging in discussion about something that meant so much to them. I got private e-mails from people who thought I was being a bad Christian witness for talking about flying my flag upside down. It was awesome; people were passionate.

I am not going to tell you who to vote for. I am going to beg you to vote. However I am not just talking about this election; I am talking about your life. I hate the fact that after an election so many people seem to shrink back into their apathy and just ride out the next four years until we get to cast another vote. Why can't this passion and action last past Election Day?

The results of this election will have an effect on everyone, no matter the outcome. Foreign policy, the economy, abortion, health care and so many more issues will be affected by who is the White House, but one thing will not. On January 20 th , when our new President is inaugurated, one thing will remain the same. God will still be on the throne and His sovereignty will not remain intact. God does not fear any Presidential administration and He can and will work in our nation no matter who sits in the White House.

No matter who ends up in the White House this January, we should not let this passion we have die down. People seem to think that depending on who wins things like abortion, hunger, poverty, war or anything we are concerned about will be magically fixed by our next President. They will not.

Imagine if we saw the same passion and action we are seeing towards this election being focused on feeding the hungry, giving water to the thirsty, standing for the voiceless or sharing the Gospel of Christ. What if all the volunteers from all the campaign offices of both parties decided to spend the same amount of time at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, homes for unwed mothers or youth outreaches? What if the amount of money that everyone donated to the candidates was not being donated to charities and ministries?

I want to issue a challenge everyone who is reading this. Have you volunteered, donated money or spent time talking to people about either candidate? Why not do the same when the election is over? Volunteer in your community and make a difference. Donate to a charity or ministry so they can continue to help people. Tell people about getting involved; don't let apathy take over this generation again.

More important than anything else is our passion for Christ. While a President may affect our lives here on earth, it is eternity that is most important. No politician can assure us of anything when it comes to eternity, only Christ's Blood can give us the hope we need. Imagine if we had the same passion for sharing the Gospel of Christ, as we do for sharing why our candidate is so important.

Deny apathy and embrace passion.

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper -

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