Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tour Blog 3 - Week one on the road

We are back in Troy for a day after our first week on the road, and we leave in a few hours for Creation Festival. So much for sleep.

The Ephriam Clothing gang got to the Stand True house on Monday night and joined us for dinner and some training sessions. We packed up and headed to Alive Festival the next morning. We were excited to get to the Kribbs and hang out with Billi and Jessica at the kick off BBQ.

This year was also great as we had our friends the Frederico's bringing us food the whole week. Not just food, but amazing food and enough for us to share with several other vendors and ministries at the festival. Heidi you ROCK.

We also got to hang out with old friends like Bre, Erin, Natalie and others who we only see a couple of times a year, if that.

Some of us headed out on Wednesday for the Pro-life Music Festival in Indiana. Again it was great to see our friends from many of the bands and get to meet new friends and host families like the Blakeslee's.

We had rubber band wars with Ilia and played pranks on Kiros, these will be continued throughout the tour. I also got to speak at PLMF and talk to some bands about sponsorship.

We packed up and headed back to Alive in time to enjoy the storm and tornado warning. It was sad to pack up and leave Alive and all of our friends, but we will be back.

During this first week God also gave us amazing opportunities to talk to people about life and pray with them. We were able to see hearts healed and changed, what a blessing to get to experience all of this.

Here are some pics of the adventures so far.

The Booth at Alive

Rachael enjoying the flooded merch tent (Always happens at Alive)

Ephraim's Booth

Bryan and Christi tearing up the course

The Kribb's getting their grub on

We turned the Ilia booth into a Stand True booth since they were late

Mellisa from SuperChick rocking the Love Rain Down shirt

Bryan speaking at Pro-life Music Festival

Running from the storm

Candice and Christi setting up the lit table

Rachel Roe educating people

Moses hard at work

Rubber band wars with Ilia

Heidi, she fed us all week and now we are spoiled

Eating at the Frederico's

Candice is a little to excited to be at Alive

To be continued...

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