Friday, June 13, 2008

Tour Blog 1 - Exploding Oatmeal and Thunderstorms

When you bring several people from different backgrounds, churches, cities and lifestyles and throw them into a situation where they are basically together 24-7 it can take a while fore everyone to feel comfortable.

The team is all here in Ohio and starting in on their training. They will spend the next few days in training and packing things for the trip. It always takes a few days for everyone to get to know each other and start to open up, but there always things that help bond us together.

Thank God for exploding oatmeal and thunderstorms it seems to do the trick and bring the team together and break the ice. First there was the incident where one of them tried to cook oatmeal in the micro wave and it caused quite the little explosion. This seemed to get the team laughing together (no one was hurt).

Today as they were working in the garage getting things packed it started to rain and thunder and lightning. The team decided to running through the rain together and play in some puddles. This turned into an adventure as the walked the small town of Troy, OH taking lots of pictures in the rain.

About an hour and a half later they all returned to the office soaking wet, but closer together as a team. I am excited to hit the road with them in a few days and start to minister at festivals. I am truly a privileged and blessed man to get to do this year after year.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment

Stay Tuned...

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