Thursday, May 1, 2008

Video Makes Joke Out of Violence Against Women and Abortion

Video Makes Joke Out of Violence Against Women and Abortion

"Abortion Man" a video "comedy" sketch from Damon Wayons is causing a lot of controversy lately. I really don't understand the humor behind violence against women and baby killing, but apparently some people do.

Last week we told you about a student at Yale claiming to have had self induced abortions as part of an art project. It seems that you can do almost anything these days and pass it off as "art". Yesterday marked the release of the newest Grand Theft Auto video game where violence, prostitution, and lawlessness are celebrated as entertainment. These are just more testimonies to the culture of death we are living in today.

See video here -

The video is obviously offensive to the pro-life community but should be equally offensive to the feminist movement and women in general. It's simply not funny to see a women beaten as her boyfriend thanks the man who did it.

Let us know what you think of this.

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PM said...

I saw the video on the news last night, or as much of it as they would show. Just that small bit is astounding. It reminds me of the Yale student, the same way it did you. Regardless of the desired "social commentary" they wanted to make or "awareness" they wanted to raise, it's disgusting and mostly self-promoting. Satire as social commentary is one thing, but this goes way beyond satire. This is demeaning to abuse and abortion victims, as you correctly observe. The one positive thing that can be said is that Yale finally took a stand on the correct side and tried to disassociate from the artist, rather than defend her, which is a pleasant surprise.