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20 Pro-life Activities To Do This Summer

20 Pro-life Activities To Do This Summer

One of the questions I am being asked most right now is, "what can I do to get involved with pro-life this summer?" We wanted to give you a list of pro-life activities that you can get involved with over the summer. The list is in no particular order and there are lots of different activities for what ever commitment level you can make.

1. Volunteer at your local Pregnancy Help Center. Just open your phone book to "abortion alternatives" to find a center in your area.

2. Get your friends together and visit your local senior citizens home. Be sure to call ahead to make arrangements and find out if any local churches coordinate visits.

3. Join Stand True on our summer mission trip, there are just a couple of spots left open. Go to for more info.

4. Organize a diaper drive with your friends and donate the diapers to your local Pregnancy Help Center.

5. Hold a car wash with your friends. You can donate the money to Stand True, your local Pregnancy Help Center or any pro-life organization you want to.

6. Ask your church or youth group to bring in a pro-life speaker. You can always bring in some one from Stand True or find someone through a local pro-life organization.

7. Become an internet street team member and promote events like the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity. Contact for more info. Get people to change their homepage to and use our search engine.

8. Start pro-life discussions on internet message boards. Remember to always react in love and not talk down to people when having discussions.

9. Pray at your local abortion mill. This is something that should be done with more that one person. I am not talking about protesting but simply going and praying for the women going in and offering them the hope of Christ.

10. Find out if there is any organization having a pro-life booth at your local country fair and volunteer. If no one is having a booth find out what it would take to get a booth and set one up. We can help you find literature for a booth.

11. Educate yourself on pro-life issues. It is important for you to be well educated on pro-life issues when you are talking to people. You can find some great info at, and many other pro-life sites.

12. Pray and fast. Get some friends together once a week to fast from a meal and spend that time in prayer. Pray not only for the women and babies, but also the doctors and the rest of the abortion industry. Pray for Stand True and all the other pro-life organizations that are fighting so hard to bring an end to abortion.

13. Volunteer at a Stand True booth at one of the many Christian Festivals we will be attending this summer. We will have a full list of festivals on our web site in a couple of weeks.

14. Volunteer at your local food bank or soup kitchen. Pro-life is more than just being against abortion. Feeding the homeless is a great pro-life activity.

15. Collect spare change this summer. Get your friends and their parents to collect their change and at the end of the summer cash it in to donate to Stand True, your local Pregnancy Resource Center or a local pro-life organization.

16. Write letters to your local politicians encouraging them to take a solid pro-life stance.

17. Wear pro-life t-shirts where ever you go this summer. Pro-life t-shirts are always great conversation starters. If you can't afford to buy one just make one yourself from an old t-shirt. You can also get one from our store at

18. Do you have a birthday this summer? Ask your relatives to make a donation to Stand True, your local Pregnancy Resource Center or a local pro-life organization in your name. We all have those aunts, uncles or grandparents who just send a check every year, ask them to make a donation instead.

19. Pass out pro-life literature. Take pro-life literature where ever you go this summer and look for opportunities to talk to people and share the pro-life message. You can order pro-life literature from or If you can't afford to order any then contact us and we can try and get some free literature for you.

20. Help promote Stand True and the work we are doing to save babies. Get your friends to sign up for our e-mail news letter, MySpace or Facebook groups. Tell them about some of the events we do, like the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity or Summer Mission Trip.

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Be creative and come up with your own ideas for what you can do this summer to get the pro-life message out. Be sure and share your ideas with us so we can let people know what others are doing.

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