Friday, April 18, 2008

Yale Art Student Hoax Caused Pain and Stirred Anger in Many People

Yale Art Student Hoax Caused Pain and Stirred Anger in Many People

Many of you read our story yesterday about the art student who claimed to be using abortion as her senior project. She reportedly inseminated herself many times only to induce abortions. I started my story explaining how I first thought this was a hoax, I was right. While this was merely a sick and twisted joke, it caused a lot of pain for women who have suffered real miscarriages. I received messages from many women who have had miscarriages who were deeply hurt when reading about what this student claimed to have done.

Whatever this student wanted to accomplish with her, so called “performance art,” one thing is for sure, she has woken up a lot of people to the reality of how much life has been cheapened. I know from the responses I received back that many people finally did say, “enough is enough”.

While our first response may be anger at what she did, we should also be praising God for the fact that no babies were killed for her project. That is the core issue here, the personhood of the babies that she claimed to have aborted. While there are a lot of issues with someone who would purposely have multiple abortions on purpose for the sake of art, the real tragedy would have been the loss of life.

So now that we know it was a hoax, do we drop the subject? Do we put this behind us and pretend it never happened? NO! If this was something that stirred up so much anger and emotion, we need to examine why.

I will be honest; I am sometimes disturbed that it takes something like this to wake people up about the killing of innocent children. This reminds me of the frenzy we saw regarding the Partial Birth Abortion issue. For some reason it took an abortion procedure that seemed to be more inhumane than others to get people angry about babies being killed. The truth is that all abortion is equally inhumane as all abortions kill an innocent human person.

I do understand that some will say it was her claim to have done this for the sake of art; that makes it more disgusting. While the motive may be more trivial and heartless, the outcome remains the same, a dead baby.

I do agree with what many people said in response to this story, enough is enough. We are now 35 years into the Roe vs. Wade era with close to 50,000,000 children killed. If that is not enough, I don't know what is.

Do you remember a few years back when there was a sniper going around the DC, Maryland and Virginia area? I remember it all too well as my wife and kids and I were across the street from one of the shooting while it happened. Do you remember when the sniper shot the kid in front of his school? I watched the news as the police chief made his statement almost in tears. I remember the anger in his voice as he said the sniper had gone too far, now that he had shot a kid. This brought such a new resolve to catch the sniper.

That was one kid and it stirred up so much anger and resolve in everyone to catch the person responsible. Aren't 50,000,000 precious, innocent children over the last 35 years “too far”?

I hope this story did anger you. I hope it made you sick to think that someone would be so callous as to use the killing of innocent children as art. I also hope it will stir you up to say “enough is enough”. If you were willing to cry out for those innocent children that you thought were killed for the sake of art, will you also cry out for all of the innocent children that are killed daily in the name of choice?

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper

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odeyodeygirl said...

wow... I just read both of my emails on the issue, at first i was angry... but then i was just sad. Sad that someone would think killing God's children is a joke. Sad that someone could feel so broken as to make this up...
I myself am an art major, and its unfortunate, but i know some people who have some really twisted ideas about free expression of art. However i'm extrememly glad no one was really killed during this, it sickens me to know how long it went on being thought of as true.

enough has already been long gone.
these things have to stop.