Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How Big Is Your God? A Commentary by Bryan Kemper

How Big Is Your God? A Commentary by Bryan Kemper

One of the questions I get asked so many time is, "do you think we will ever win this battle?" It really boggles me when I hear that being asked by Christians. I honestly wonder some times what we must think of God when we are pessimists so often. It is almost like we are hoping God might just get that hit in the ninth inning to win the game.

It really should not surprise me that people ask that question. I am also told quite often that I should leave God out of our pro-life work, that we are turning people off from Stand True because we always talk about Jesus. In the last news letter I posted a video of me calling on Christians to take a stand against abortion and to pray for an end. This video was filmed at the grand opening of a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Iowa. (see video here - I had people tell me I should not use references to God or Christianity.

I often get people telling me that pro-life should not be about "religion" or "Christianity". Some people want us to break away from using references to God or the Bible in the work that we do, or they want us to only approach things from a scientific angle. I have been told that we can reach so many more people if we just leave God out of it. I can say that I agree that we need to approach things from a scientific angle, but I can never agree to leave God out of it.

It really surprises me when these kind of statements come from Christians. I know that Christ is the only reason I am even alive today and all that I accomplish is because of Him and what He has done in my life. He is our chief cornerstone and we must build all of our work on Him and His word. If Christians don't even want us to base our pro-life work on Christ, then it is no surprise they would wonder if we can actually win this battle.

If we leave God out of the equation, we will lose. We have said this so many times and we truly believe that the only way to ultimately end abortion is to turn hearts back to Christ. Yes the laws have to change, but that is just the beginning. We must also pass an amendment to the constitution declaring personhood for every single human person from fertilization to natural death. This will only happen when we turn this nation's heart back to Christ.

When God first gave me the pro-life vision, He spoke very clearly to me about what I was supposed to do with my life and He has paved the way for this ministry. For me to leave God out would be to destroy the very foundation that we have built this ministry on. I know not everyone who is involved with us and the work we do are believers, but I will never apologize or hide my faith in Christ to make someone comfortable. It is our prayer that everyone involved with Stand True will someday surrender their hearts to Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.

The ultimate goal of Stand True is to glorify God and restore the sanctity of human life to every single human person. To restore the sanctity of human life, we must also restore the hearts and minds of people to God and His perfect love. God gives every breath we breathe to us and we shall always give Him the credit and glory for our work.

So here is my answer to the question, "can we win this battle?"

How big is your God?

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ Jesus who

strengthens me."

For Christ I Stand,

Bryan Kemper -

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