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Abortion and Common Ground – Stand True's Response to President Obama at Notre Dame

Abortion and Common Ground – Stand True's Response to President Obama at Notre Dame

I am not going to get into all the reasons why or why not President Obama should or shouldn't have been invited to speak at Notre Dame. The fact is, he was and he spoke and that is what I want to address.

I can imagine that for any graduate to have the President of the United States of America come to speak at his or her graduation ceremony would be an amazing experience. Even if you didn't vote for that President, it would be an honor to know he picked your school's invitation to speak. Even though I am adamantly against many of the President Obama's policies, I must still respect the office he holds.

I know many pro-lifers from around the country were at Notre Dame to protest and pray as they felt it was an abomination for such and ardently pro-abortion president to speak at a Catholic University. I was invited to come and speak and join some of the groups in their protests and prayer vigils. The fact that my wife is due in just a few days with our sixth child made the decision to stay home and watch it on TV an easy one.

I was very intrigued to hear what he could possibly have to say about abortion to a Catholic University, as the news mentioned he would speak extensively on this issue. I could not imagine him suddenly taking some kind of pro-life position. What he did was try an pacify pro-lifers with false, fluffy nonsense about common ground and reducing abortions.

Common ground? I am sick and tired of hearing people talk about common ground when it comes to the slaughter of innocent children. Our ground is stained with the blood of over 50,000,000 baby boys and girls whose deaths cry out for justice.

Let me ask you this.

Would you be willing to find common ground with someone advocating for legalized rape?

Would you be willing to find common ground with someone advocating the reinstitution of the Third Reich and Nazi policies?

Of course not, these are ludicrous statements. I would also argue that finding common ground with those who advocate for the killing of fully human pre-born children is a ludicrous idea.

What if Adolf Hitler gave a speech to the Allied Forces asking us to find common ground and just find a way to reduce the number of Jews being killed? We are talking about genocide here; simply reducing it is not an option. In the same way, the abortion holocaust is genocide and simply reducing the killing is not an option.

President Obama's saying he wants to reduce abortions is also a out-and-out lie as he released millions of our taxpayer dollars to pay for overseas abortion within three days of taking office. He also vowed to sign the so called “Freedom of Choice Act” which would completely deregulate the abortion industry and wipe out what few restrictions there are in place now.

While I do believe we must reach out in love to women who are seeking abortions and offer them an alternative and the hope we have in Christ, I will not meet the abortion issue with the hospitality President Obama spoke of.

The reason his words sounded to elegant and tickled so many ears as he spoke of such nonsense is because people have been blinded by the pro-abortion rhetoric beginning with the belief that it is about choice. There are certain things in life that cannot be left to someone's personal choice and killing a baby is one of those.

President Obama is an amazing orator was able to make people think that he is truly concerned about abortion and pro-life issues, I can't tell you how many people I know who think he is pro-life. The professor that was interviewed outside the graduation ceremony was trying to say that President Obama is the best thing for the pro-life movement because he wants to reduce abortions instead of wanting to end abortion.

I am sorry but I must reiterate that simply reducing the number of babies being killed is not what I and Stand True and the pro-life movement are fighting for. We want every single human person from the moment of fertilization to be fully protected.

The problem is we are allowing abortion to fall in a different category than every other act of homicide. But abortion is not a different act; it is a different method of the act of homicide. It is still one person killing another person.

One of the things the news kept repeating during their coverage of the whole Notre Dame scandal was a new Zogby Poll in which they declare the a majority of Americans now call themselves pro-life. As someone who travels the country for much of the year for the past 18 years, I already knew this. The majority of the people I meet in my travels identify themselves as pro-life, whether it is on an airplane, in a store or anywhere else I go.

So the next step is to get that majority to not only call themselves pro-life, but act like they believe abortion is an act of homicide. We need to activate this generation to be a voice so loud and so clear that we have no choice but to protect the lives of the innocent, fully human, pre-born children who are being killed almost 4,000 times a day.

Mr. President. I will offer NO hospitality to the killing of innocent children; there is NO common ground when it comes to ground that is stained with the blood of millions of innocent children.

For Christ I stand,

Bryan Kemper bryankemper@standtrue.com

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