Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Photos from the land of Cheese and Brats

We are back in the office for a week preparing for the second half of tour.

Here are a few pics of the last week.

Candice Promoting the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity

Rosch for Rock for Life left his shorts in our trailer, this led to some dress up fun

Karissa likes cows

Alana, Cameron and Candice

The Rock For Life kids hooked us up with a sweet host home for Lifest

Moses caught on film not sleeping, wow

We kind of took over the building for awhile

Rachael is happy

Ephriam, Stand True and Rock for Life took over Perkins

Cleaning the Cornerstone crud off of the tubs

Bryan speaking at Lifest

Eric Timm painting behind Bryan

Dave from Superchick rocking the red love

Every year we go to Perkins and take a series of photos next to Reggie White's Picture. Here are some from this year.


Rosh Koch said...

what a blessing it was getting the teams together and sharing in fellowship. see you in new hampshire!

Soul Pockets said...

Great pictures. It looks like so much fun.
God Bless